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We Love to get the most out of you to become the Best Padel Player possible in an intensive and enjoyable way

We Love Padel


We developed a warm heart for the Padel sport, originally coming from The Netherlands & Spain, now living for many years in Barcelona, Spain


We started playing like probably most of you by, going on the Padel court and trying to hit some balls, some 14 years ago…

We really enjoyed playing Padel, it felt like playing tennis without the hassle.


Playing Padel the Tennis way


We found out rapidly that we were playing tennis on a Padel court.

We had great matches, we lost all and felt so much better than the Padel Players…

We were almost winning all points… But we kept on losing them the Tennis way…


O Yes, it helped a lot that we have professional backgrounds in ball sports (Tennis, Golf, Squash, Ice Hockey).

Little by little, we started playing Padel with others and started playing Interclub (competition).


With our urge to improve our Padel game, wanted to gain more insights and work on how Padel is played and how to get a better technique in this rapidly emerging sport. This was easier said than done. group level 2, intensive midweek Padel clinic at Ocata Padel club, Masnou, Barcelona, Spain 2018 group level 2, intensive midweek Padel clinic at Ocata Padel club, Masnou, Barcelona, Spain 2018 fun

Our goal is to start Playing the Padel Way


In Padel for instance besides fore-, backhand, volley and smash some other strokes with their own specific technic and tactical results, such as the Bandeja, Vibora, Chiquita, or a lob for attacking as well as a lob for defense. This besides for instance hitting balls from outside the court. Did you know that there are over 170 different Padel Strokes?

Then, a rally in Padel is also a lot longer than in for instance Tennis, rallies of 15 strokes or more are no exception. The position on the court is also very important besides lots of other aspects.


How we got there and how You Can follow in our footsteps


We wanted to know more, we had fun, something was missing, we wanted to play real Padel, we started to take lessons. Once a week we started to practice with a trainer. Great, we made progress. Every week we made some progress.


We wanted to learn to Play Padel a Little Faster, in a more intensive way, that’s how we came up with the idea of a 3 and 5 Days Midweek Intensive Padel Clinic with lots of fun in the sun, Barcelona, Spain. The idea was one, right after we started to make a completely new methodology which we are up till today constantly reviewing to make it the best Padel training System ever.


About the 3 and 5 Days Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic


The 3 days’ Intensive midweek Padel Clinics focus on Padel Players who want to improve their game from the Beginner Level all the way up to the (Semi-) Professional Players Level which we explain here.


We Organize Padel Clinics in (Barcelona) Spain with a maximum capacity of 24 players per week. All participants will practice a minimum of 4 hours on the court per day. Training is given by Professional Padel Trainers and Coaches of a very high level, lots of them have a WPT ranking (World Padel Tour). The maximum is 4 players per court. We see Padel as a Team sport that is practiced best in a Team set-up.


Upon request, we organize with pleasure at other locations, for example at your club in your country or more days, we are flexible in any way or shape. Feel free to contact us, click here.


Padel equipment and Accessories


Besides the Padel Training, we ran into a similar problem concerning Padel Equipment and Accessories. Training Trainers and Coaches, Sponsoring and Selling Great Made in Spain Padel Rackets


That’s why we started ALPA-Management where we train Padel Trainers and Padel Coaches with our IPP© System, Search for Companies who want to import the great Padel brands we represent, and Sponsor Padel Trainers, Coaches, and Padel Players. Then we have I Love Padel. This website Informs and Describes our own and others’ findings on what kind of materials such as Padel Rackets (Paddle Racquets), Padel Shoes, Padel balls, and Padel Clothing are best.

In short


You can click below to find our pre-booking form concerning the ‘Intensive midweek Padel Clinic’ 3 Days, 5 Days or our Tailor-Made Padel Experience any Time Anywhere.
We constantly improving and optimizing in such a way that everybody can find his/her/teams/coaches/supporters/companions in the ideal Padel Clinic Experience. Remember: any choice you make is with the opportunity to book some days extra to enjoy the Barcelona area or just to relax some extra days in the Emocions Wellness Center or on one of our lovely beaches.


See you soon, Paul and Alex

Intensive Padel Academy, Clinic, Bootcamp, Camp, 3 days, 5 days in Sunny Barcelona Spain or World Wide Business solutions

Receive an offer for an Intensive and unique Padel Experience from of € 480

You are about to take one small step, but, one giant leap for your Padel skills.

To make this step we need some information.

Once we received it we will make a suitable offer as soon as possible.