We Organize Intensive Padel Clinics in Barcelona Spain - Event Booking
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We Organize ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinics’ in Barcelona, Spain for all Padel Levels

You are in the Right Place to Improve Your Padel Skills Quickly through our 3 Day Intensive Midweek Padel Clinics in Barcelona, Spain

  • We Offer Intensive Midweek Padel Clinics in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, Maresme, Spain
  • During Our Intensive Padel Clinics You Train All Padel Facets
  • We Offer a Three Day System. Developed For Every Level To Improve Your Padel Game Fast And Good
  • All You Have To Do Is: Book, For You, Your Partner and/or Friends, Pack Your Padel Stuff And Come
  • We take care of the rest…

Book Now! Or Read More about What We Offer, Besides a Great Time and Lots of Padel Fun

Highlights of our Intensive Padel Clinic

  • 4 Hours a Day 3 Days on the Court Padel Training
  • Technical and Tactical Padel Classes
  • Hotel Emocions**** In- or Excluding
  • Breakfast and Lunches
  • Infinity Pool, Wellness
  • Delicious Food, and Drinks

Our Intensive Padel Training System IPP©

  • Is the Intensive Padel Ponseti© System (IPP)
  • Affects all Padel Levels Divided into 4 Categories
  • All with their Specific Level-oriented Structure
  • Level N: Novice Players
  • Level 1: Frequent Players
  • Level 2: Competiton Players
  • Level 3: Top Players

What to Expect During the Padel Clinic?

  • Great Night sleep in ****Hotel Emocions or at a Location of Your Choice
  • Breakfast, Cold and Healthy
  • All Facilities in 1 Location: Hotel, Restaurants, Padel Courts, Wellness, and Shopping
  • 1st On-Court Training 2 hours
  • Great Lunch, Restaurant Emocions Sorli
  • 2nd On-Court Training  2 hours
  • Followed by Tactics, and Technique Explanation during Happy Hour
  • after which You Can Enjoy all Facilities at Your Own Discretion such as
  • Shopping in the Concept Store Experience…
  • …Massages, Wellness, Esthetic Treats, Sightseeing, Beach, Shopping, and Dinner…
  • …To wake up the next Day to Learn more Padel skills…

The Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic, Barcelona, Spain, is About?

Our Aim,

is to improve the level of any individual on how Padel can/should be played to obtain the highest pleasure status during playing in a short time through intensive training.


The Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic Program is specially developed for Padel by, Event Booking, I Love Padel and the Ponseti IPP© System

For Whom?

The Intensive Padel Clinic Program is suitable for All Ages from Adults to Children when you and/or your team want to Improve the Padel Skills in an Intensive, Fast, and Fun Way in the Barcelona Sun.


When and for What Padel Level?

Every First and Last Week of the Month We Organize on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Our ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinics’ For the Levels:


On Court Padel training!

On Court Training Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10:00 to 12:00 hours followed by freshen-up, dry close, etc. technical and strategic conversations and relaxing lunch.
At 14:00 to 16:00 hours is the second On Court training of the Day followed by freshen-up and reminisce on the terras.

About Languages?

The training is given in English and Spanish (Catalan and Castilian). Upon prior request, the training can also be given in Dutch, German and French and of course through the famous Spanglish and Hands & Feet.


Attention: In order to enjoy the Intensive Midweek Padel training as well as possible, you need to be in a Good Condition.


Our total capacity is 20 players per week

On request, we can make arrangements to handle larger groups at our home base in Barcelona, Spain.

Upon request, we arrange Intensive Padel Days (weekends) on location anywhere worldwide.

Do let us know in the time since it will involve some planning.

Choose a Level and Read What we Will Teach you During the Intensive Padel Clinic


When booking we ask for your Padel Level so that we can provide you with the best possible service, if you have any doubts click here.

Level N - Novice Players

Level 1* - Frequent Players

Level 2** - Competition

Level 3*** - Top Players

We offer a Full Package Deal for our ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic’

The All-Inclusive Offer Contains

A great hotel price including breakfast (Spanish cold breakfast) is available from 7:00 giving you lots of time to enjoy the meal.


1st training that starts at 10:00, We Advise you to prepare well: use Enough Sunscreen and Bring a Towel, dry T-shirt, Good Padel Shoes and a Padel Racket, we will provide sufficient water and more. The first training ends around 12 noon.


From 12:00 to 14:00, lunch is served in the Emocions Sorli Restaurant, located between and Below the Hotel and the Padel Courts. Here we offer you a Yummy Daily Changing Menu that is included in your Padel Intensive Package. Before and/or after you can use the refreshing Infinity Pool on the roof of the Restaurant and Hotel to Relax and of course the Facilities of your room.


Depending on the circumstances of the day, we start the second training between 14:00 and 14:30, ending 2 hours later. Here we Stop.

Except on the days when we provide technical and tactical explanations and answer all kinds of questions, of course, accompanied by an ice-cold drink, a dip in the pool or if desired, you can also relax in your room, whichever suits you best.


You can spend the evening as you wish. We can help you choose where to dine: in the hotel, on the beach 1 km away or in the various ports nearby. Don’t forget that most restaurants open from 21:30 until the wee hours of the morning. To bridge this time, many Spaniards eat small Tapas around 18:00 hours.

What do You Have to Take Care of?

You, Your Partner, and/or your Group need to arrive at the Emocions Hotel somewhere on Tuesday and leave your room before 12:00 the day after the last night you have or will fill in at our Booking Section.

You are free to book the Hotel earlier or to stay for days longer, for example, to enjoy the city of Barcelona or to laze and enjoy the sun on the beach or in the Hote. You can fill this in during Booking.


We offer a minimum of 3 nights and a maximum of 6 nights as standard. If you want to stay in the hotel for more days, let us know by email, we are flexible. When you check out you can leave your bags at the reception all day or if you leave on Friday you can take your bags to the Padel courts and leave from there.



Best Practice

Be dressed in your Padel outfit before 10:00 o´clock. Pack extra cloth since you have to take the word ‘intensive’ into consideration.

We will provide you with sufficient water amongst others… and a very nice lunch during the day? Questions? let us know. Do use Sufficient Suncream and clean your hands after with soap.


Remember, the Training Starts Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10:00 and ends around 16:00, followed by a Spanish-style Happy Hour that will end around 17:00 or later.

About Your Overall Condition and Wellness

A good condition is required to participate, Intensive is Intensive!

During your stay, you can use the Wellness Center Sorli, which is located below the Padel Courts and offers Massages, Beauty Treatments of All Kinds, as well as an Extensive Sauna and Spa Experience with Extensive Facilities. Book at the reception.

Where is the Intensive Padel Clinic Held?

The Clinics are held at the Sorli Sports Club, Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona

Sorli Sports Club, Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, click here for the exact location

In the rare event that weather or other circumstances make it impossible to play Padel outside, we will move to indoor Padel accommodation.

Padel Club Emocions

Our All-Inclusive Package Choice is Hotel Emocion**** and is Part of the Sport Complex
You can also choose to Only Book an ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic’

In combination with our ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic’ enables us to offer the Hotel Emocions**** at a very competitive price and including many extras.

The address is: Emocions ****Hotel, Wellness, Fitness, Restaurants, luxury leisure Centrum & Padel Club

Carrer Lluís Jordà Cardona, 2, 08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain

More information you find when you make your package choice.

Hotel Sorli Emocions

Emocions Rooftop Swimmingpool

Emocions Restaurant

Emocions Leisure Pop-up Store

Emocions Wellness & Spa

Emocions Sportclub

Now You are Informed, Time to Book Your ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic’ and Surprise Those at Home with Your New Padel Skills, Enjoy

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