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Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic, Barcelona, Spain, Book Here

(4 customer reviews)

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Great choice, you and other participants are ready to become the Best Padel Players ever

You can now start the Bookings Process for the ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic’ of 3 Days, with or without a Hotel.


Please fill in the Number of Persons, the Padel Level, with or without Hotel, and the preferred Starting and Ending date concerning your stay at the Hotel. The 3-day ‘Intensive Padel Clinic’ is always held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


You can indicate which and how many days you want to stay at the Emocions Hotel**** on the Calendar


After you have answered all questions, you will receive the total amount in € after which you can complete your booking. If you have any questions, click here, See you Soon.


What to Expect During the Padel Clinic?

  • Great Night sleep in ****Hotel Emocions or at a Location of Your Choice
  • Breakfast, Cold and Healthy
  • All Facilities in 1 Location: Hotel, Restaurants, Padel Courts, Wellness, and Shopping
  • 1st On-Court Training 2 hours
  • Great Lunch, Restaurant Emocions Sorli
  • 2nd On-Court Training  2 hours
  • Followed by Tactics, and Technique Explanation during Happy Hour
  • after which You Can Enjoy all Facilities at Your Own Discretion such as
  • Shopping in the Concept Store Experience…
  • …Massages, Wellness, Esthetic Treats, Sightseeing, Beach, Shopping, and Dinner…
  • …To wake up the next Day to Learn more Padel skills…

Highlights of our Intensive Padel Clinic

  • 4 Hours a Day 3 Days on the Court Padel Training
  • Technical and Tactical Padel Classes
  • Hotel Emocions**** In- or Excluding
  • Breakfast and Lunches
  • Infinity Pool, Wellness
  • Delicious Food, and Drinks

Our Intensive Padel Training System IPP©

  • Is the Intensive Padel Ponseti© System (IPP)
  • Affects all Padel Levels Divided into 4 Categories
  • All with their Specific Level-oriented Structure
  • Level N: Novice Players
  • Level 1: Frequent Players
  • Level 2: Competiton Players
  • Level 3: Top Players

Our All-Inclusive Package Choice is Hotel Emocion**** and is Part of the Sport Complex

You can also choose to Only Book an ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic’

In combination with our ‘Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic’ enables us to offer the Hotel Emocions**** at a very competitive price and including many extras.

The address is: Emocions ****Hotel, Wellness, Fitness, Restaurants, luxury leisure Centrum & Padel Club

Carrer Lluís Jordà Cardona, 2, 08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Intensive Midweek Padel Clinic, Barcelona, Spain, Book Here

  1. dutchies

    We all want to thank you for the real intensive training. We be back next year.

    Love, The dutchies

  2. Peter

    Wij hebben echt genoten de afgelopen week. Wat hebben we veel geleerd.
    Padel spelen gaat nu echt heel anders worden dan het tennis/padel dat wij eerst speelden.
    Ga zo door, groet, Peter

    Tot over 6 maanden

  3. Lenie

    Super leuk, we hebben echt genoten. Voor de nieuwe klanten, let op: het is echt wel Intensief, neem een droog shirtje mee en genoeg zonnebrand. Het is geweldig en je gaat met sprongen vooruit, dank, Lenie, Frits, Henk en Magda

  4. Tris

    So much fun and serious at the same time, pfff, great service… very high level of quality. We enjoyed all aspects on and of the court. We’ll be back, John, Len, T, and tris

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